Staying at Rocciamelone is like travelling through time. It combines modern amenities and very fine cuisine with the traditional style of a specific period in Lanzo Valleys.

A Liberty style symbol in Lanzo Valleys since 1925

The history of hotel Rocciamelone dates back to 1925, when its founder, Giuseppe Cibrario, called “Tachin”, after a long experience in the food service, decided to expand his family business and built this hotel.

The hotel, made of local stone, is the result of the taste of that time. Its high ceilings and big spaces, its American larch shelves, its rich and fine decorations along the ceilings and the walls, the use of wrought iron for balconies and for its stairway, its Thonet beech chairs and furniture make it an impressive, sober and elegant example.

In the beginning the hotel featured 45 rooms and had some modern amenities for that time: cold and hot water, radiators and self-produced electric lighting. At the entrance a huge hall divided the restaurant from the tea room with armchairs and rattan tables. From the hall a magnificent iron-wrought staircase led to, and still does, to the rooms.

During the decades the hotel was modernized, some recent innovations were introduced and its structure was modified, always preserving its original soul and spirit. Today there are 17 rooms available, on two floors, equipped with TV and Sky and free Wi-Fi.

Every hotel room, from the bedrooms to the restaurant to the terrace outside, is accessible via the lift. Furthermore, the hotel offers wide areas dedicated to its guests: there is a big cafe (also open to the public) and a room with a large-screen television and a projector. Therefore, the hotel is also an ideal destination for families. Outside there is a sunny terrace for an amazing aperitif in the summer or a sunny rest after skiing in the winter.

Therefore, after more than 90 years, you can enjoy a historic hotel that combines antique and modern elements together in harmony.

The restaurant

The restaurant, not only for hotel guests, but also for non-registered customers, features traditional Piedmontese dishes prepared with the freshest ingredients.  Most of the pasta dishes and pastries are homemade.

The hotel cuisine, after many years of experience, still features some of the dishes conceived by its founder Giuseppe Cibrario, that date back to the past: grated polenta with cheese, classic veal with tuna sauce, fried fish (on request), coffee-flavored charlotte, cake “Rocciamelone”, caged apples with Calvados etc.

The large restaurant room, with its decorated high ceilings and original elegance, is perfect for lunches and receptions for special occasions such as baptisms, holy communions, birthday parties and weddings.

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